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07-01-2020 21:46
A new year begins: 2020. A year in which I'm going to complete my integration course. In the meantime, I have passed all the courses. Only the Profession Orientation command has yet to. For this you have to fill out eight forms on what work you want to do in the Netherlands and how to deal with it,...


31-12-2019 11:22
Een nieuw jaar breekt aan: 2020. Een jaar waarin ik mijn inburgeringscursus ga afronden. Inmiddels ben ik geslaagd voor alle cursussen. Alleen de opdracht  BeroepenoriĆ«ntatie moet nog. Daarvoor moet je een achttal formulieren invullen over welk werk je wil gaan doen in Nederland en hoe je dat...

New work Marina

06-04-2017 19:39
Today we added new work of Marina. You can find it on "Other work of Marina".

New artwork Marina

05-10-2016 19:30

New work Ben

24-09-2016 10:54

Website launched

06-03-2016 15:00
Today our new website is launched! It shows first impression of our work. There will be more published in near future. This way you can see what we did and what we are doing! Also some artwork is for sale. Look at the pictures for used material, size and the price. We are sure you will like...
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