Marina Loskutnikova

Marina working

My background 

My birthplace is Volgograd, a Russian city on the West Bank of the Volga River. In 1961, my year of birth, this city was still called Stalingrad, known for its decisive struggle in 1942 against the German Nazi regime. I attended secondary school, studied at the University of Volograd, but eventually chose not to appeal in my study direction. My love for nature and flowers led me to ornamental art and I learned in practice the profession of florist and decor designer. I worked as a florist and made decors in Volgograd and Moscow in distinguished companies and organizations. I also attended various courses at the famous founder of the international Floristikskule, Ursula Wegener.

Then I lived and worked in Cyprus for a few years. In that period I developed further and organized a successful exposition in Agia Napa with new compilations.

Now I live in the Netherlands and continue my passion for visual art, where I continue to use my experience in the field of floral art and decorations.



Marina working