Marina Loskutnikova

Based on my sense of composition, my knowledge and experience of and with organic materials, I developed my own style. 

This creates beautiful and interesting collages of visual art and decorations.

I like to make flower-ornamental work for parties, receptions, birthdays and events. 

Also for you personally, I like to design special decorations. For your home or for fraternal work or practice space. Always tailored to your taste.  

Are you interested in my work? Do you want a design and appropriate offer? Please contact me.

Marina Loskutnikova

Van der Leeklaan 40

1185 DN Amstelveen

+31 649173264

I am charmed by collages, a blend of techniques and styles. 

For me this time reflects spirit, dynamism and freshness, the life cycle and its elements. 

By decorating our lives with organic art and collages, and by making use of the beauty of natural forms, we communicate with the eternal, the true and the perfect.