On Sunday 26 November, Marina Westendorp organised an exhibition in the Buurtkamer with parts of her unique collection of Decoration – Works of Art and Jewellery.

Marina gives a special dimension to amateur art in Amstelveen. Before that she worked in floral art and decoration and collage art and in her years in Cyprus she had an interesting exhibition with her work in Agia Napa.

When she moved to the Netherlands, she developed further.

Marina's motto is: 'Embellishing our lives with art and by using the beauty of natural forms, offers us the opportunity to communicate with the eternal, the true and the perfect.'

She applies this in the jewellery, collages, decorations, figures and mosaics she makes. She uses all kinds of materials made of natural materials and metal, but also, very surprisingly, wood material that she finds in the Amsterdamse Bos.

A review from Conchita Willems

Last Sunday, November 26, 2023, my friend Alda and I were enthusiastic about the exhibition of Amstelveen artist Maribenart. What stood out about her artworks is that all materials come from nature. Many types of wood: branches, chips, planks, thick, thin. A very special style is used, in which the natural elements, mostly from the Amsterdam forest, are ennobled and connected with iron wire."

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