Buy and Pay

The prices of works that are currently available are indicated in the photos. If there is no price, that work can be ordered and will be made especially for you.

The prices do not include the costs of delivery by parcel post. However, we prefer that you pick up the work from us. Great opportunity to get to know each other.

Ordering an existing work can easily be done by using the form stating the number you see in the relevant photo.

If you want a wall decoration or a masterclass, please first contact Marina by phone or using the form to make an appointment about the follow-up.

Here the contact details: Marina Westendorp, Van der Leeklaan 40, 1185 DN Amstelveen. Phone: +31 6 491 732 64.

Paying is also simple. You can choose to transfer the amount to the bank account at the same time as ordering a work. You can also pay when you pick up the work from us.

This can be done in cash, via Tikkie or a Payment Request via the banking app that you normally use. Marina bank account number is NL05 INGB 0653 1311 94

 You can use the form below to order or to ask something