Do some Masterclass! 

Marina has a lot of experience in organizing and performing Masterclasses in everything that has to do with flowers and decorations. And for various occasions. Family parties, staff outings, social meetings. At Easter and Pentecost or Christmas and New Year. For groups of young people or seniors in community centers / community rooms, nursing homes, nursing centers. Wherever and whatever you want. Such a masterclass lasts a maximum of four hours. You talk to Marina about what your wishes are and what the program / theme is. Marina takes care of the materials, you yourself take care of the accommodation. The rate depends on whether it is a commercial or non-commercial master class. Commercial: € 40 per hour, non-commercial: € 25 per hour. Everything excluding required materials and costs location. 

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Masterclass small decorations 

See below an example of a Masterclass making small decorations in a family context. A very successful afternoon, everyone was enthusiastic!

Masterclass in Moscow

Masterclass in Moscow

Marina also did master classes in Russia. Recently we came across a number of photos of master classes that she gave in the years 2009 and 2010 to groups of women, whose husbands were connected to various embassies. We didn't want to withhold these unique photos from you. Working with flowers and using all kinds of shapes. Something Marina still likes to do.

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